Q: What’s this show about?

A: See that link at the top of the page called “About”? Click that.

Q; How often do episodes get released?

A: At this point, once a month, or nearabouts — but typically, the 1st of each month. If we choose to go more or less frequently, we’ll let you know here and elsewhere.

Q: What’s a podcast?

A: Apple’s podcast page is a great place to start learning the basics of podcasts and iTunes podcast management.

Also, watch our own self-produced video on how to subscribe to Terror Transmission via iTunes.

Q: So, Terror Transmission is an “enhanced” podcast. What’s that?

A: Well, all episodes of Terror Transmission are encoded in the AAC sound file format (not MP3) to take advantage of better sound, smaller files, and some multimedia options. In addition to “album art” displaying our logo, expect that image to change occasionally in our website show player, select portable digital audio devices, and even in the iTunes artwork viewer window — image changes that will more or less illustrate the discussion, or simply for fun. Each episode will also have chapter markers, much like a DVD, to move forward or backwards from established points. These points might also be accompanied by text titles. The center button on the iPod, as well as the forward and back buttons, will help your navigate through these features and others. (Some of these features will only work with the iTunes player, video iPods, and iPhones, though that might change in the future.)

If you want the tech spiel regarding our choice of AAC over MP3, please refer to this Wikipedia entry.

Q: What are my options for listening to the show?

A: Choose one of the following…

Manual Download: You can download the shows to your hard drive by right-clicking on any episode file link at the bottom of any episode post on our site, and saving the file. From there, you can decide how you’d like to listen.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed (RECOMMENDED): There are two ways of doing this. You can copy the “PODCAST” RSS feed URL (also available as an icon in the upper-right corner of our site), go to Advanced in the iTunes player menu, click on Subscribe To Podcast option, and paste the URL into the provided box. Or take the easier way and go to our podcast page on the iTunes Store. If choosing the latter route, just click the Subscribe button on the page. A bookmarker of sorts will be placed in the Podcasts section of your iTunes player, underneath which will download the most recent episode as well as provide Get buttons for any other available episodes. We highly recommend that you subscribe to the feed. It makes finding out about and obtaining new episodes so easy, especially when compared to the other routes. You can also leave reviews at our iTunes Store page, which we vastly appreciate and really helps the show out. (Watch our video on how to subscribe via iTunes.)

Stream from iTunes Store: If you’ve already visited our page at the iTunes Store, you no doubt saw the list of episodes at the bottom of the player. Double-click on any episode’s title to hear it stream directly to your iTunes player. Voila! Internet magic!

Listen Directly from Our Website: We have a Web-based show player linked from the bottom of every podcast post on the site, ready to play. This, like streaming from the iTunes Store, is a great option for those who don’t own a portable digital audio player.

We also have other places on the Internet that stream our program. Check out our pages at Radio Free Satan, Stitcher and TuneIn to listen from there.

Q: Why would some of the older shows not play on the site or show up at the iTunes Store.

A: Our podcast file host provides a limited amount of storage space for episodes, so the oldest episodes will or may be absent over time. We may one day decide to offer them in archival form but, until then, we would suggest saving all desired episodes on your hard drive.

Q: What can I do to help promote the show?

A: What a wonderful question! Glad we thought of it. Here’s the list…

Review Us: First place to drop reviews is at our iTunes Store page. After that, write us up on your blog, on message boards you frequent, and on social networking sites (including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube). Speaking of the last, joining our pages at those social networking sites helps get the word out quite well, too. And thanks, by the way.

Link To Us: If you provide links on any page you manage or maintain, throw us in there, too.

Chat Us Up: If you like the show, tell others! Especially if they love horror as much as we do.

Q: How can I interact with the show?

A: This site is a good place to start. Post your thoughts regarding an episode of the show by clicking on the “Add Comment” link right below the post’s title. We also occasionally request feedback from our listeners during an episode. If you missed the e-mail address, it’s info AT terrortransmission DOT com and it’s likely that we might even read your e-mail on the show (unless you tell us otherwise). Heck, write us, anyways, and let us know what you think. (Note: To post on our website, you must first become a member. Click “Register” in the sidebar to do so.)

You can leave a message at our listener feedback line by dialing 802-448-2249. We might even put it on the show.

We also have a message board that’s FULL of fun!

And don’t forget our pages at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram.

Q: How come you never do commentaries on new horror movies?

A: Terror Transmission’s main concentration runs between the early silent films and the late-1980s. Plenty of folks review and comment upon modern horror and, while we the hosts of this show watch and occasionally enjoy the new stuff, we are far more interested in and motivated by the classics. We sometimes give brief opinions about more recent films towards the end of an episode, but that’s as close as we get. Since the past is where our hearts lie, we largely stick to that timeframe.

Q: Why doesn’t the podcast audio sync with the respective movie?

A: It’s not supposed to. At least, not exactly. We edit the show down so you don’t have to hear the painfully dead silence of numerous minutes where we feel less inspired to discuss or comment. Trust us when we say that all of that quiet would not be entertaining in the slightest. That’s why we chop it. You’re welcome.

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