Terror Transmission is a free, monthly movie commentary podcast dedicated to classic horror from the silent era up until the late 1980s. The audio program is hosted by Jason Andreasson and Matt G. Paradise and is generally recorded in “the viewing room” — a space in Andreasson’s home containing a 10′ wide projection screen and dedicated to film watching. Both hosts proudly assert their enthusiasm for the show and their disdain for many others in the genre by their tagline, “The greatest horror commentary podcast… EVER!”

Episodes are generally available on the 1st of every month.

Matt G. Paradise (pictured, above left) is both producer and co-host of the show. An avid horror fan for four decades, Paradise’s knowledge of the genre is extensive. Since the early-1990s, Paradise has also had a wealth of experience in the world of media, including self-publishing, network TV, terrestrial and Internet radio, podcasting, and much more, including design and maintenance of this site. Jason would like you to know that Matt also features the world’s greatest natural coiffure. Hairdressers swoon in his wake.

Jason B. Andreasson (pictured, above right) is your co-host and researcher for the program. A largely self-taught expert in all genres of horror, as of this writing he has viewed well over 3,000 horror films, and is currently working on a tome devoted to all of this misspent time in front of the idiot box. As an interesting side effect of having burnt his retinas from overexposure to film, he now cries tears of Karo syrup. Matt says that he’s also bald.

Additionally, Andreasson and Paradise are currently involved in professional audio commentaries and video work for select Blu-ray editions of classic and not-so-classic films, including The Centerfold Girls, Bonnie’s Kids and many more in the works. Fangoria even called them hilarious.

Oh, yeah, and they live in Vermont!


Often exceeding two hours in length, each episode of the show is focused on a specific movie released before the 1990s. Andreasson and Paradise record the show while they watch the film and discuss it. The audio from the movie is intentionally low to focus on the commentary of the hosts. Discussion includes movie background, related trivia, comedic observations, and details on the lives of the hosts.

Each show is edited for time and to remove various mistakes. As a result, the show audio will not line up exactly with that of its respective movie in actual time, so it’s not recommended to listen to the show and watch the movie simultaneously. Many listeners enjoy hearing the show either before or directly after viewing the related film.

Alcohol is commonly imbibed by the hosts before and during the show. Brief discussion and references to their episodic drink of choice are in all related episodes. Typical beverages include various imported beers, darker red wines, whiskey (both straight and with ginger ale), and the occasional experimental cocktail.

Show notes, including links to subjects directly discussed and referenced on a given episode, are available at this website. The hosts often recommend that listeners utilize these notes and links to enhance appreciation of the movie/episode.


  • Humor – It’s an enormous part of the show, particularly after the first year. Matt and Jason make numerous jokes, humorous asides, puns, and witty remarks either directly or obliquely related to the movie they are watching.
  • Personal Details – Matt and Jason often discuss their own lives, and especially aspects of their relationship as best friends. Listeners often mention and praise this element when sending e-mails, which are often read on the show after the movie.
  • The Good Old Days – Matt and Jason occasionally discuss both their love of old horror and their hatred of some of the new horror. It’s a lovable hate, though.
  • Jason’s Endless List of “Favorite” Movies – Because so many films are his “most favorite movie… ever!”
  • Jessica – Jason’s fictitious pre-sex change persona. Particularly topical in early episodes.
  • Race/Ethnicity – Matt and Jason take good-natured shots at various racial stereotypes while asserting, truthfully, that they are not racists. Less informed listeners often miss the nuance in the humor.
  • Sex – Easily the most referenced topic on the program. Both hosts unashamedly ogle actresses in the films they view, making various innuendoes, relating various real-world sexual experiences, tips on sexual success, and creating pretend fantasy scenarios for the listeners. On occasion, Matt will invoke the old show staple, “Which one of these girls would you do?”
  • Religion – Matt and Jason make total mockery of the God religions when appropriate — Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. Most of the time, it’s insightful and relevant to the movie they’re watching.
  • “Pronounciation” – Jason has difficulty pronouncing certain words and names. Both hosts make light of this fact as an ongoing joke of the show.
  • Singing – A common activity of Matt during a number of episodes, usually in abbreviated form. Genres include metal, punk, lounge, disco, vintage pop, and soft rock.
  • King Diamond – Above all other musical performers, the show hosts reference this Danish metal falsetto god the most. Vintage metal, in general, is also brought up a bit.
  • Tech Stuff – Matt will often point out computers, gadgets, and various tech — old and new — shown in any given film. Jason will sometimes call him a nerd as a result.
  • Monster Bash – A yearly classic horror convention in Pennsylvania which the hosts often attend. Discussion of this event, including celebrity meets and attendee mocking, occasionally occurs on the show.


Terror Transmission has interviewed a number of movie-related people for material used in its program, specials, and YouTube videos. These celebrities include…

Ann Robinson | Bobb Cotter | Julie Adams | Caroline Munro | Tom Savini | Bill Hinzman, Kyra Schon, George Kosana | Veronica Carlson | John Stanley | Marilyn Burns | Kenny Miller | Ricou Browning

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