EP92: Phantasm


The funeral is about to begin. Never mind the scurrying creatures and flying weaponized spheres. Just bow your head and hang on tight as Matt and Jason open the portal to 1979’s Phantasm. You might think that when you die, you go to Heaven, but you’ll actually come to us for movie trivia, ’70s dirtbag guys, why modern cars suck, Matt’s intentionally bad French, hair helmets, bachelorette parties gone wild, dwarf vs. midget vs. little person, unisex names, and other things that are little, brown and low to the ground. It’s definitely going to be a hot time. Hot as love. You know?

What We’re Drinking | Earache My Eye – Cheech and Chong | Don Coscarelli and Phantasm | Left Hand Path – Entombed | Bury Your Stinking Dead… At Forest Lawn | Dunsmuir House | Barracuda – Heart | Mind Rape – Death Angel | Le Kat | I Want Action – Poison | You Need Some Shag | WKRP In Cincinnati | Free For All – Ted Nugent | Randy Rhoads… He’s Dead | The Most Interesting Man In The World… After Matt and Jason, Of Course | Look, Jason… Fireworks By Mail! | Angus Scrimm | Jeffrey Dahmer, Home Decorator | Ice Cream Man – Van Halen | Goldfinger! | Phantasm: The Novel


EP91: The Tomb of Ligeia


Sometimes, you just have to get your lovin’ where you can. And Matt and Jason really get out their grave digging shovels for 1964’s The Tomb of Ligeia. Prepare for a mindless sort of madness as your handsome hosts exhume movie background, natural lighting for home porn, British horses, death and resurrection, May-December relationships, Jason’s necrophiliac desires, Matt’s favorite Dr. Who, sexy pale girls, drinking breast milk and other things that make you go meow. Just don’t look into their eyes. They will confound you!

JFK Airport: It’s For The Birds | Starburst: Corman’s Poe Cycle | What I Am – Edie Brickell… and some dudes no one cares about | Pressure Cooker Brisket | Anglo Amalgamated presents… | Castle Acre Priory via Google Street View | Elizabeth Shepherd Dies In Damien: Omen II | Webster Shills The BK | Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe