EP88: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


Spirits surround you on every side. Murder is in the air. And the mesmerizing voices of Matt and Jason cannot be resisted as you slowly open the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. You’ll find yourself in a hypnotic haze as you silently spiral into 1920 to witness movie facts, the Siegfried Steamer, those fun-loving Germans, the secret hidey-hole, Jason’s love of silent film gals, Matt’s use of “comely”, semi-consensual roleplaying, Hitler, the death of cursive writing, hotel Bible destruction, and other plots of doom. But, don’t ask us for more. You wouldn’t like to know your fate.

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Interview with John Stanley

Terror Transmission attends Monster Bash 2011 in Butler, PA – June 24th through 26th.
In this clip, Jason interviews author and former Creature Features host, John Stanley.


EP87: Deep Red

Buongiorno, Demoni del Terrore! Step into the parlor and let Matt and Jason make you a nice pizza pie… along with a special vino just for you: Deep Red, vintage 1975. After a few bottles, you might feel a bit woozy, so lie down in the back of the Ferrari as your handsome hosts take you for a ride through movie background, loads of giallo film recommendations, Italian gender-bending, the power of J&B scotch, the glory of unfettered breasts, the beauty of cinematic death, the creepiness of puppets, Jason’s fear of little girls, arguments about pajamas, Matt’s spontaneous desire to solve crimes and other means by which to smash faces of pretty girls into glass. Que bella!

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