EP86: Countess Dracula

Have you ever been bored? Not merely restless and unoccupied, but really, REALLY bored? Bored enough to… slaughter a bunch of hapless virgins and bathe in their blood? If so, then do we have an episode for you! That’s right, heave up that cleavage and hoist your drink to eternal youth as Matt and Jason bring you the sanguinary story of 1971’s Countess Dracula. Sure, there isn’t a vampire to be found, but that shouldn’t stop you from suckling the teat of movie background, female serial killers, magic Dio ashes, the Eric Roberts lookalike, Ingrid’s Nazi tales, gay reindeer, an extensive look at the Bathory tale, the Ingrid Pitt / Peter Criss Connection, learning diversity from Benny Hill, the smell from the DVD room and other questionable fluids. And if your handsome hosts disappear, remember… try the whorehouse!

Motorboating: The Sporting Choice of First-Graders | Elizabeth Bathory | Countess Bathory – Venom | Aileen Wuornos Pre-Execution Wackiness | Peter Sasdy | Dude, Your Intro Is So Rank | Hammer Films: Countess Dracula | Run For Your Life (Demo Version) – Hellion | Eric Roberts Is NOT In This Movie, But He IS In Star 80 | Ingrid Pitt | Lesley-Anne Down’s Saucy Pics (NSFW) | Buy Ingrid’s Autobiography | The Blood(y) Countess by Valentine Penrose | VOIVOD! | Jason Said To Link Negura Bunget, So Here They Are | The House That Dripped Blood | Charles In Charge – The Electric Hellfire Club | Orson Gets Drunky on Paul Masson | Cruelty and the Beast – Cradle of Filth

Watch Terror Transmission’s Interview With Ingrid Pitt Biographer, Bobb Cotter!


EP85: The Final Conflict

Nazarene charlatan, what can you offer humanity? Certainly not the greatest horror commentary podcast… EVER! And where he has failed, Matt and Jason deliver with their utterly blasphemous commentary on 1981’s The Final Conflict. So, sit back and let your handsome hosts show you the raptures of their kingdom through movie facts, feeling the spirit, Bud Dwyer, Reagan and the Fundies, Christian hypocrisy, the enjoyment of power, Jason’s fascination with twins, bad girls, failed prophecies and other trivial lusts and perversions. Disciples of the Watch… do you HEAR US!

The Final Conflict: The Soundtrack | Subterranean SINema | Sam Neill | Rottweilers: Not Evil | Mason Does Smuckers | Holy Terror, Batman! | So, Where Does Damien Live? | Speak… Of The Devil? | Cleanflix | Fox Hunting… Strangely, Not About Chasing Girls | Rossano Brazzi: Sleeping with the Fishes Since 1994 | Andrew “Not Merkin But” Birkin | Wait, What’s A Merkin Again? | The Annoying Chorus Matt Forgot To Parody-Sing In This Episode