EP84: Mark of the Vampire

Is it real… or all make believe? People say that a lot about Matt and Jason but you might also place the burden of that question upon this episode’s movie, 1935’s Mark of the Vampire. With white faces and burning eyes, your handsome hosts occasionally interrupt their drinking to bring you film background, eating stale gingerbread houses, Hollywood orgies, completely unrelated movies, hissing in film, anger for the end of this flick, the attraction of villainy and more deadly cold breath on your throat. It might not end the way you think but it’ll still be the hilariously debauched hell ride you crave.

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EP83: Shock Waves

Achtung, Terror Fiends! Run for the attic because your handsome hosts are goose-stepping their way into all things verboten with their commentary on the 1977 Nazi zombie classic, Shock Waves. Your food supply might be running out but there’s plenty of Matt and Jason to go around as they dictate movie details, perverted New Year’s resolutions, “flapjacks”, time travel shenanigans, the 3/4 Rule, Unterseezombies, and extensive discussion on Nazi interest in the occult, plus a special announcement or two and listener e-mail. Frohes neues Jahr!

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