Interview with Tom Savini

Terror Transmission attends Monster Bash 2011 in Butler, PA – June 24th through 26th. It took a few years but Tom Savini FINALLY let us interview him! See how much fun is had as Tom discusses his special effects masterpieces, thoughts on directors and films of today, his own acting career, and much more.


EP78: Mad Monster Party

Who could possibly gather all of the monsters together for a fun-filled romp during the spookiest time of the year? None other than your handsome Halloweeny hosts as we serve up a stop-motion animation feast from 1967 known as Mad Monster Party. Learn all about the secrets of destruction as well as movie background, anti-unicorn sentiments, hot puppets, ethnic humor in a PC world, the failures of unattractive people, Jason’s unnatural love for Phyllis Diller, reflections on Hitler, zine fondness, chicks who dig a little struggle, special treatment for special people and other facts that will keep you one step ahead. The invitation is sent. Will YOU attend?

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EP77: A Nightmare On Elm Street

Are you ready for Freddy? Your handsome hosts sure are and we’ve stayed up WAY too late to bring you the 1984 classic slasher, A Nightmare On Elm Street. So, pick up a bottle and veg out with us as we put to bed some razor-sharp movie trivia, the whiskey spit take, the hotness of availability, ’80s morality, how Matt became a KISS fan, sleepwear advice for ladies, childhood bedroom shockers, the paralyzing fear of herpes, slutty theater girls and other things a crucifix won’t stop. Then, when you wake up — IF you ever wake up — stick around as we rip our way through listener e-mail. Enjoy the show or just our pretty voices. But whatever you do. Don’t. Fall. Asleep.

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