EP74: Tarantula!

No footprints, no blood, no sign of a struggle. That might sound like the clever post-cleanup from one of Matt’s or Jason’s dates gone wrong, but it also describes the ghastly remains of a super-spider’s lunch! What to do? Well, pay close attention as your handsome hosts weave a web of commentary around you, protecting you from the strange side effects of 1955’s Tarantula! As the anti-toxin flows through your veins, enjoy the trip of movie background, lusting the grown up Shirley Temple, the joy of being cultural shut-ins, quack science, women in a man’s film world, lots of movies your hosts like, drunken Nietzscheans, Jason’s fear of spiders, and other creepy crawlers. After the napalm drops, retreat to your own peaceful desert as M&J discuss recent films viewed. And, remember: Science or no science, a girl’s got to get her hair done.

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EP73: The Evil Dead

We believe we have made a significant find in the ruins of 1981, an audio volume of ancient drunken babble and entertaining movie chatter. The episode is entitled “The Evil Dead” — roughly translated: Awesome Commentary! It deals with demons and demon resurrection and those forces which roam the forest and dark bowers of Man’s domain such as film details, Deep Throat, the Jewish zombie question, our three-year anniversary, the Not-Campbell, arboreal rape, crappy beer, humor vs. horror, and other creatures that may lie dormant but are never truly dead. So listen in and, like the others before you, one by one, we will take you. JOIN US!

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