EP67: Spider Baby

It’s quite possible that this episode has gone well beyond the boundaries of prudence and good taste. In fact, it might taste a little… familiar. So, pull up a chair to the cannibal feast as Matt and Jason serve up a big ol’ slab of 1968 for their commentary on Spider Baby. Feel yourself caught in the web of movie trivia, women who look like monkeys, Hitler mustaches, gentleman vs. cad, exploring taboos, Matt’s post-virginity Disneyland visit, maxims for all occasions, civil rights destroying black acting careers and other bites that sting, sting, sting! After everything makes a big flash and goes BANG, your handsome hosts will delight you with their thoughts on recent films watched. Oh boy!

Spider Baby – Director’s Cut | What Jason’s Drinking | What Matt’s Drinking | SHOCKER! | Panty Raid! | Jack Hill | Mantan Moreland Gets Filthy… And We Approve! | Summer Sausage For Seventeen | Jill Banner | Lon Chaney Jr. | Beverly Washburn – Today | Hey, You’ve Got A Toothbrush Under Your Lip | Buster Brown Is Back… In Black | Sid Haig | Full House – The T-Birds | The Swinging Cheerleaders | The DTs | Frederick’s of Hollywood | Lovecraft Family Circus | Age of Consent | It Was A Very Good Year – William Shatner | Seventeen – Winger | Jason of Star Command | Dementia 13

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  1. Thanks for yet another solid recommendation. Keep up the good work. The pod casting world depends on you. Cheers!

  2. Chaney “Irishing” up his oranges… Priceless.

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