Interview with Veronica Carlson

Terror Transmission attends Monster Bash 2011 in Butler, PA – June 24th through 26th. Jason hits on… err, I mean, interviews Hammer film goddess, Veronica Carlson.


Interview with Caroline Munro

Terror Transmission attends Monster Bash 2011 in Butler, PA – June 24th through 26th. Jason restrains his libido for almost ten minutes as he interviews one-time Bond girl and many-time horror vixen, Caroline Munro.


EP68: House of Usher

Purchasing a home can be a costly and sometimes risky endeavor. In addition to bad neighborhoods, high utility bills, mortgages, remodeling issues, and other assorted hassles, you might also have to deal with a terrifying ancestral curse leading to total structural collapse… with YOU IN IT! Before you buy, consider our cautionary commentary on 1960’s House of Usher. At our open house, we’ll give you the full tour of movie details, Matt’s Sex-Mex excursions, crassmanship, the King Diamond / Cesar Romero connection, “Dick”s, alcoholic nostalgia, trashing Matheson, the therapeutic value of confessions, and other mortal expenditures. After the dust settles, stick around for discussion on recently watched movies. Is there no end to our horrors? No. None whatsoever.

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EP67: Spider Baby

It’s quite possible that this episode has gone well beyond the boundaries of prudence and good taste. In fact, it might taste a little… familiar. So, pull up a chair to the cannibal feast as Matt and Jason serve up a big ol’ slab of 1968 for their commentary on Spider Baby. Feel yourself caught in the web of movie trivia, women who look like monkeys, Hitler mustaches, gentleman vs. cad, exploring taboos, Matt’s post-virginity Disneyland visit, maxims for all occasions, civil rights destroying black acting careers and other bites that sting, sting, sting! After everything makes a big flash and goes BANG, your handsome hosts will delight you with their thoughts on recent films watched. Oh boy!

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