EP66: Hellraiser

Are you looking for an experience beyond limits? Wanting to become an explorer in the further regions? Let’s face it: Are you a bit kinky… and THEN SOME? Well, here at Terror Transmission, we’re waiting to hoist you upon the proverbial hooks by means of our puzzling commentary on 1987’s Hellraiser. Demons? Angels? None of that will matter while you lament the punishment of film details, shoulder pads, Jason meeting Captain Kangaroo, sexual beach assaults, the multifaceted gem of deception, modern primitives, and other topics from two libertines who definitely have some disturbing sights to show you. Now, you must come with us. Taste our drunken, debauched, foul-mouthed pleasures.

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EP65: Dawn of the Dead

The zombies are coming. Run to wherever you think you’ll be safe, but Matt and Jason will be on the roof, well-armed and transmitting their commentary on the 1978 survival horror classic, Dawn of the Dead. If you haven’t been bitten yet, come on up as your handsome hosts instruct you on film details, mall culture, Matt’s hatred of the sweater vest zombie, Jason’s fledgling criminal career, surviving an undead assault, bad retro fashions, whiskey science experiments, the majesty of bullet belts, death with dignity, the illusion of safety, the Dawn of the Dead remake, and other large-caliber rounds to the head. So, don’t just sit there… GET UP AND KILL!

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