EP54: Love At First Bite

On the mean streets of New York City, the danger is very real: freaks, junkies, perverts, thugs, weirdos, and the biggest bloodsucker of all — Count Dracula! He’s in town, and he’s looking for love in all the trendy, sex-crazed, disco dance clubs. So, while you’re freaking out in a bathroom stall on too many quaaludes, Matt and Jason will try to talk you down with their commentary on the 1979 comedy horror flick, Love At First Bite. Just play it real cool as we drive our stakes into a brief history of comedy in horror, slob punching, pretty stewardesses, the “Irene” story, Richard versus Dick, neurosis with chutzpah, the perils of excess, Halloween costume decision making and other life-draining matters. For those who take their podcast on the rocks and with a twist, this blood’s for you. Cheers and Happy Halloween!

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EP53: Creepshow

Greetings, kiddies! We’re Matt and Jason — the CREEPS! — and we’ll be your guides on this five-part journey into fear. So get yourself some cake and gasp like a lunkhead as we creep up on you with commentary for the 1982 anthology, Creepshow. Awful anecdotes, yell yarns and fearsome fables will unfold in the form of movie background, the merits of long-haired ladies, more mass murder fantasies, Matt’s home bar project, libertines, Netflix gripes, alcohol faux pas and other means to measure the bite marks. And, if you can hold your breath for a long, long time, we might even chat about some things after the movie. Of course, you know that if your dad catches you listening to this podcast again, you won’t sit down for a week. Remember that! Tuck in!

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