EP51: White Zombie

Deep in the jungles of Haiti, the natives are not only restless… they’re UNDEAD! And they also seem to have some pretty good job security as they toil endlessly for the master in the 1932 creeper, White Zombie. If you look closely, you might see Matt and Jason lurking around the plantation, gathering a dark crop of information on prideful flatulence, the history of zombies, the silent-to-talkie transition, sex with pygmies, more pronunciation fun and plenty of movie background. Afterwards, there might even be time for some discussion on what M&J watched recently. So, never mind the taste. Just drink it.

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  1. You can never get enough Lugosi or Whit Bissell ( hint, hint), for that matter.

  2. RAD!!!!!! This is my 8yr old daughters favorite movie— This is goofy -When we pull the car in the garage and the headlights shine on the wall- Addie exclaims- “Dad, Look —-Bela Lugosi’s eyes!”

    I look forward to sharing THIS podcast with her. Tomorrow I will be throwing mail and waking dogs to the mighty Terror Transmission!!!!

    • Your 8 year old daughter HAS to be the coolest kid at school! Tell her the guys at TT said so!

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