EP52: The Legend of Hell House

Welcome to Hell House. We’re delighted you could come. We’re also certain you will find your stay most illuminating. Think of Matt and Jason as your unseen servants, and believe that during your stay, you will be taken over by the spirit of 1973’s The Legend of Hell House. May you find the answers that you seek amidst movie trivia, Matt’s exciting gin adventure, creative wordsmithing, psychic nonsense, Jason’s anglophilia, the mocking of ’90s music subculture and a host of other restless souls. After the evil has subsided, join M&J for post-movie chat on recent DVDs watched. Will YOU be the only one to make it out alive and sane?

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EP51: White Zombie

Deep in the jungles of Haiti, the natives are not only restless… they’re UNDEAD! And they also seem to have some pretty good job security as they toil endlessly for the master in the 1932 creeper, White Zombie. If you look closely, you might see Matt and Jason lurking around the plantation, gathering a dark crop of information on prideful flatulence, the history of zombies, the silent-to-talkie transition, sex with pygmies, more pronunciation fun and plenty of movie background. Afterwards, there might even be time for some discussion on what M&J watched recently. So, never mind the taste. Just drink it.

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