EP30: Trick or Treat

Only true Terror Fiends will rule the apocalypse and your headbanging hosts will be there alongside them, raising the horns in commentary salute to the 1986 metal horror offering, Trick or Treat. Prepare the flaming Jack-o-lanterns as Matt and Jason take you on a musical battle of band trivia, censorship, music discovery as a kid, backmasking, metal nerds, and the answer to the eternal question: which one is quicker, wine or whiskey? Following the curtain call, M&J discuss their most recent movie viewings, and maybe a rant or two in there as well. One thing is certain: These evil podcasters have just got to be STOPPED!

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  1. Well….not my favorite episode. Probably because I didn’t love the film and am not a big metal fan (although I was a member of the “KISS Army” (which sounds VERY lame as an adult).

    However, YOU guys rock to an extent that I listened to this and the bonus episode. Even with a topic I’m not overly interested in, I’d listen to you guys drink and pontificate.

    No, that’s NOT an invitation to do a special Rob Zombie retrospective. A guy has to have SOME limits.

    • Egad!
      Note to self: skip the upcoming Rob Zombie tribute episode.

  2. I thought this was an inspired choice actually.

    It’s doing stuff like this and The Beyond that really set TT off from the rest of the other horror podcasts, imo.

    • That and our unbiased admiration of our own stunning coiffures (or lack thereof). Glad you dug it, RW!

  3. Wow! Enjoyed the podcast- and the bonus podcast! Huge metal fan- Love the movie so much that my first metal band used 6 6 CRUSH on the back of our tshirts! Cheers!


    • And, no doubt, your band shredded the audience to a bloody pulp!

      Thanks for the love, Rich. Stay tuned for more gratuitous metal adoration and other fine musings in the near future… and stay Heavy!

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