EP26: Videodrome

The battle for the minds of Terror Fiends will be fought in the video arena, and Matt and Jason will serve as your retina, your television, and your raw experience as they comment upon the 1983 body horror, Videodrome. The podcast is now the physical structure of your brains and, therefore, whatever appears on the podcast will be your reality: the behind-the-scenes movie details, the Blondie worship, the copious bottles of beer, the “freaky stuff” and the horror DVD discussion to follow — all fall within your mind’s eye. But be careful. It bites!

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Interview With Julie Adams


EP25: Friday The 13th Part 2

There is someone in this room. The smell of death surrounds you while you frantically look for a way out. Who — or what — is in the room with you? Could it be a machete-wielding retard bent on revenge for the death of his mother? Nah, it’s just Matt and Jason creeping through the darkness to bring you the commentary for the 1981 slasher sequel, Friday The 13th Part 2. Follow us to the campfire as we tell spooky stories of movie trivia, underaged girls, the fate of pubic hair, who the real Jason is, and with enough wit and charm to violently drive a spear through your frowny face. So, take that ridiculous pillow case off your head and listen in as we ring in our first anniversary of Terror Transmission with a true classic. Mrs. Voorhees would be pleased.

Episodic Flickr pics? Yeah, okay, maybe a few.

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