SPECIAL: Monster Bash 2010

Put on your best whiskey face and join your handsome hosts for their fun-filled rundown of Monster Bash 2010, the classic horror convention taking place each year in Butler, PA. Hear the tale of two horror hotshots and their disturbing journey, including exclusive interview snippets from stars of horror’s yesteryears such as Julie Adams, Ann Robinson, Bert I. Gordon, Jimmy Hunt, and many others. Matt and Jason also cause some trouble on the road, at the event, and in the bars, giving the business to Miller Lite girls, pregnant waitresses, bitchy impersonators, retarded doppelgangers, cracked-out milfs, bashful hotel clerks, reckless Mennonites, poorly coiffed douchebags, sleazy pianists, and one giant mutant gorilla. Grotesque, bizarre, twisted and scary… and that’s just M&J after too much time in the hotel bar!

Monster Bash | Bert I. Gordon | Miller Lite Girls | Jimmy Hunt | Ann Robinson | Julie Adams | Wes Shank | Mr. Lobo | Penny Dreadful | Kenny Miller

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  1. OUTstanding show! One of my favorite episodes to date. A big yes to more theme shows on top of movie reviews.

    • We may very well be getting back on the short-bus again with another special in the near future. Any thoughts on where the bus should be headed that “ewe” might like to share, Mr. Lamb?

  2. Well, let’s see…..an examination of the “lost footage” film phenomenom and how it really gets it genesis (in my opinion) in the “Reefer Madness” kind of documentary from the 40’s and the “In Search Of Bigfoot”/”Town That Dreaded Sundown” Sun Classics type of “documentaries” of the 1970’s could be interesting given the wealth of knowledge you guys bring to it.

    Or perhaps a Poverty Row special highlighting some of those old studios that were born and died in the 30’s. For example, I finally sat down and watched The Mad Monster (only had it on DVD as part of a package for YEARS) and was surprised that not only was it a Werewolf movie, but that it was a pretty decent one for its time.

    Or…a Whit Bissell retrospective. You heard me. Whit Bissell. And to make it even more interesting, tie it to his 1940’s analogue, Dwight Frye. The consummate supporting actors who played in so many roles in so many classics.

    Lastly, Boobs and Why We Like Them.

    Also, we need more James Arness bulletins. What height is he currently at? where has he been sighted?

    • Heh. Boobs, and why we like them. I’m salivating just thinking of THAT special!
      All good ideas, TJ, consider them added to The List of Impending Doom. The wheels are turning, my friend, so stay tuned!

      As far as the Great James Arness goes, one has merely to keep “abreast” of the news and read between the mass medias obfuscated lines. Flooding in Pakistan? Sounds to me like The Big A had to take a long held leak. Earthquake near the Marianas? Perhaps just a little gas from his Mexican sojourn a short time ago. Whatever the next disaster is and wherever it occurs, be sure that The Big A had a gigantic hand in it. The man is an international menace, which is why we love him so! Go Jimmy, Go, Go!

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