EP22: Suspiria

Welcome to the Tanz Academy, where strange colors and gruesome murders await you. Your first class of the day will be a real killer, so take notes because the instructors will be giving commentary on the 1977 Italian gorefest, Suspiria. You might have come to learn ballet, but you’ll instead get lots of film details, lewd observations, various subtexts revealed, and an uncomfortable amount of ridicule aimed at the most unfortunate of folks. And if that’s not enough… it’s got Udo Kier! After the feature, stick around for the usual chatter from Matt and Jason on what they’ve recently seen on DVD. Sure beats meeting up with… THE LIVING DEAD!

Is Hell behind that door? No, silly, it’s just our episodic Flickr pics!

Goblin | Intro to Italian Cinema | MGP on Salo | Nikolai Volkoff | Rubens: The Damned | Jessica Harper | Segway To Woz | Mongoloids: Not From Outer Space | Dye, Dye My Transfer | 69, 69, 69, 69… | Dark Shadows: Joan Bennett | Udo’s Distaste For Whore Blood | Come On Down To Bouzouki World | Krimi Time | Slow Hand | Argentum | There’s Always Room For Giallo | Kabbalah | The Confessions of an English Opium Eater | Effectionhate

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EP21: The Thing

Once more, the terror comes from the skies. But, this time, it’s personal. And you’re going to need some serious help in order to avoid a bloody and violent alien assimilation. So, grab a parka and a flamethrower, and listen closely to our commentary on the 1982 body horror known as The Thing. The plan of attack includes extensive details on the film, personal anecdotes, and enough inappropriate humor to warm up all of your hypothermic limbs. Once the objective is met, you’ll meet back at base for Matt and Jason’s latest DVD viewings. No, we’re NOT f**king kidding! Tune in!

Who do you trust? You trust the Flickr pics for this episode, of course!

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