EP16: Creature From The Black Lagoon

He comes from out of the murky depths, covered in slime and waiting to viciously seize you with his cold and clammy hands. He’s tenacious, he’s hungry for flesh, he’s… Jason on a cheap wine-fueled bender at the strip bars? Well, yes, but it’s also an apt description for the star of our commentary’s movie, 1954’s Creature From The Black Lagoon. Guided by two strange men wearing 3-D glasses, your fateful Amazonian expedition will take you further and further downstream to witness all of the fun and fear of this Universal classic. After the film, stick around for M&J’s recent horror DVD viewings and some serious hint-dropping on the next movie. So, jump on in for a swim… perhaps, your very last.

Also, check out our video interview with Julie Adams!

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  1. Julie Adams a 139 yrs. old?!?! Wow!

    • Yes, 139! She’s a cougar, even to Jason and I. And we’re REALLY old.

      • Jason old?!?! Lol, I heard you have to chaperone him into R rated movies!

        • I can finally sneak in 15 minutes of ‘pooter time, and this is what I find? Just for the record, Dadums brings me to those R rated pictures, Mumsy gets me into the PG-13’s! All that and I haven’t wet the bed in at least… almost a year! Last Tuesday doesn’t count cause Mumsy forgot to wake me for midnight tinkle time. So nyaaa to you RW!

  2. Sigh….Drew Barrymore was in Poison Ivy with tom Skerritt….Alyssa Milano was in Poison Ivy 2.

    I know…I’ve batched to them both.

    • Egad, the man is right!! I hope by “batched” you don’t mean “refrigerated for further use” or “baked a batch of cookies”! I hereby declare Matt the sole taste tester on any baked goodies we henceforth receive in the post…

      • If by “cookies” you mean “hot young ladies” then, yes, I will gladly take all of the cookies my non-single co-host can’t have.

        Mmmm, more for me.

        • Is that supposed to be salt in my heavily sexed wound? Mwahahahahahaha!

          • There is no way I’m putting salt on your anal opening. Hire some savage Amazonian laborer for that.

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