EP16: Creature From The Black Lagoon

He comes from out of the murky depths, covered in slime and waiting to viciously seize you with his cold and clammy hands. He’s tenacious, he’s hungry for flesh, he’s… Jason on a cheap wine-fueled bender at the strip bars? Well, yes, but it’s also an apt description for the star of our commentary’s movie, 1954’s Creature From The Black Lagoon. Guided by two strange men wearing 3-D glasses, your fateful Amazonian expedition will take you further and further downstream to witness all of the fun and fear of this Universal classic. After the film, stick around for M&J’s recent horror DVD viewings and some serious hint-dropping on the next movie. So, jump on in for a swim… perhaps, your very last.

Also, check out our video interview with Julie Adams!

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EP15: Satan’s Cheerleaders

Dust off your terry cloth bathrobes and eyeball pentacle necklaces because it’s time for Matt and Jason to put on the commentary cheer for the 1977 drive-in devil flick, Satan’s Cheerleaders. Through margarita goggles, M&J relay the finer points of ’70s extracurricular erotica with a cheesy devil-worship edge, going deep into the hirsute jungle in order to tell the tale to you fine pre-verts. After the feature, expect listener mail, contest details, and more. One for all and all for one, Terror Transmission has a ball (or… four)!

NEW: Watch Jason make our episodic drinks and introduce EP15’s guest star!

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