EP7: Friday The 13th


The counselors may have not been paying any attention, but you should to this exciting episode of Terror Transmission, in which M&J vivisect the 1980 release of one of the greatest slasher films of the decade: Friday The 13th. As our vengeful killer picks off the kiddies one by one, your hosts will fill your woozy, bloodsoaked head full of background info, FT13 trivia, their own twisted fantasies, their amazingly witty repartee… and they even drag a doll… um, I mean, an action figure… into the fray. Plus, the usual post-movie chat and some e-mail following the feature. Careful! It’s got a death curse!

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EP6: Halloween III


Gather ’round, kids. It’s time! Time to put on your costumes, stuff your faces full of candy corn, and listen to our creepy commentary for the 1982 Myers-less third entry in a certain famous horror franchise — Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Accept the numbing earworm of the Silver Shamrock commercial jingle as we bring you all of the bizarre, Celtic occultness of one man’s mission to do something really horrible to children via the tapped power of an ancient ritual site of historical note… and computer chips… and rubber masks. Confused? Good, then you’re as ready for this episode as we were. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

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EP5: Them!


Sound the alarms! Call the National Guard! Break out the bug spray! Because your hunky hosts do battle with giant irradiated ants in this episode, commenting on the 1954 science fiction / horror bug movie, Them! These aren’t the kind of ants that mildly spoil a Sunday picnic but, rather, enormous insects which wreak havoc on a small desert community. After the movie, stay tuned for more movie chat and listener mail.

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